Private Blockchain Deployments


Blockchain deployments starting at $150/month.

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Small Network Plan »

$150/month — A great first network, secured with proof-of-authority consensus. Perfect for smart contracts development or limited use currencies.

  • Includes Blockchain Dashboard

  • Currency will work with popular wallet software

Medium Network Plan »

$350/month — The recommended proof-of-authority network structure, this deployment comes with powerful nodes, redundancy and an optional transaction proxy to keep transactions private.

  • (Optional) Private Transactions

  • (Optional) Custom Branded Wallet

Large Network Plan »

$600+/month — The most robust base network. Allowing you to add further nodes to scale your network as needed.

  • Monitoring - we will monitor your networks health and security.

  • Infrastructure API

Custom Proof-of-Authority Network

PoA Networks are perfect platforms for most business uses: whether you are releasing your own currency, smart-contracts or creating an internal consortium.

Your Blockchain will be based off the robust Ethereum blockchain; You can specify how much initial currency you want deposited in your wallet, transactions times and more.

We provide in-house technical support for all plans.