What is it?

A simple global tool you can use to save duplicates of your projects, and load them at a later time.


npm install -g dupio


  • duplicate your current directory to the dupio/templates folder.

  • create a new copy of a dupio template in your local folder, installing its dependencies.

CLI Commands:

cmd: save

  • description: Saves the current directory as a duplio template.

  • usage: dupio save <?name>

  • alts: save/--save/s/-s

cmd: load

  • description: Generates a project from a duplio template.

  • usage: dupio load <?project> <?name>

  • alts: load/--load/l/-l

cmd: help

  • description: Displays useful help information about dupio and its commands

  • usage: dupio help

  • alts: help/--help/h/-h

cmd: remove

  • description: Removes/Deletes a project template from dupio.

  • usage: dupio remove

  • alts: remove/--remove/r/-r

Planned features:

  • Auto update the new package json after laoding

  • Compress projects before storing

  • Get projects from repo and verify integrity (using its Hash)

  • Publish projects to repo (both private and public)

  • Support non npm projects